Lifetime testing of light source


For the purpose of the supervision of the quality and lifespan of light sources manufactured or marketed by us Keramix Hungary Kft. has its own laboratory, where we primarily test the lifespan and expected lifespan of light sources by means of a special measurement device which was developed explicitly for this purpose, applying international standards and patents.   

Testing of light sources, examination of their lifespan

Where is it worth applying such a test:

  • Production and assembly facilities where they wish to get an assurance about the expectable lifespan of installed or manufactured light sources.
  • In the case of investment projects, at the replacement of existing light sources, for the confirmation of return on investment projections.
  • Can the low energy consumption (but possibly more expensive) light sources actually perform the nominal operation time accounted for in the projections? When low energy consumption (but more expensive) light sources are installed, confirmation of the nominal lifespan of light sources are important for return on investment projections.

Accelerated aging, lifespan testing device for LED light sources - General information:

  •  The device is applicable for the lifespan testing of LED and other light sources with either normal or accelerated methods. 
  •  It conducts complete, online, real time photometric and thermometric measurements, it has the capacity to estimate the expectable lifespan of light sources based on the analysis of the data.
  •  The device is equipped with a measurement camera that can be adjusted with a high level of precision and its temperature is constant, the digital user interface can be followed through an observation window.
  •  Adjustable temperature range: 40-100 oC ,
  •  Temperature precision: +/-0.5 oC, at a speed of at least 2 to 3 oC /minute
  •  16 work stations for the E27 type and size light sources, as well as + 1 piece for large size light sources
  •  RS232 interface connection for computer communication.
  •  The electric power-supply to the light sources can be programmed and adjusted separately.
  •  High performance memory, by the means of which the storage of as much as 10,000 hours of measurement data is possible
  •  Special software which makes the analysis, comparison of the data and importing them into an Excel file possible.

The device conforms to the following standards:

IESNA LM-80-2008 Measuring lumen maintenance of LED light sources 

GB/T 24824-2009 Measurement methods of LED modules for general lighting 

LB/T 001-2008 Measurement method for integral LED road lights

GB/T 24823-2009 LED modules for general lighting-performance requirement 

AASSIST reference documents and national 863 program research achievement, doctoral thesis


Applied patents:

200510050854.1 ; 00247926,5 ; 200520013559.4 ; 200720108258.9 ; 200720110670.4 ; 200720112542.3 ; 200520013557.5 ; 200920200516.5

The research achievement of National High – Tech Program (863 Program)
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