Laser cutting & CNC bending

Laser cutting & engraving

We perform large surface laser engraving, cutting tasks. The size of our machine’s work table is 1300x2500mm, which is suitable for the cutting of plastic, wood, rubber, fiber glass, acrylic, cardboard, plastic cardboard, up to an approximately 1,5 cm thickness, as well as the engraving of plastic, wood, rubber, fiber glass, metal, cardboard, plastic cardboard.


  • Laser cutting, etchwork: 6000 HUF+VAT /hour
  • Planning, editing, setting: 4500 HUF+VAT /hour





Our 1000W Fiber Laser machine is suitable for cutting 8 mm thick carbon steel, up to 3 mm thick stainless steel and 2 mm thick aluminum.

Our machine provides a high-quality cutting surface that does not require post-production. There is no mechanical contact during the cutting process, so no damage or no loss of surface material occurs.

  • Lasercutting: 42.000 HUF+VAT / hour
  • Planning, editing, setting: 4.500 HUF+VAT / hour

Our shearing machine can cut up to 3200 mm width and 6 mm thick. 

  • Sheet cutting: 200 HUF+VAT / cut


Our CNC-controlled bending machine is capable of bending up to 6 mm thick and 3200 mm wide with 160 tons of force. 

  • 0-1500 mm: 300 HUF+VAT / bending 
  • 1500-3000 mm: 600 Ft+VAT / bending
  • above 3000 mm : 900 Ft+VAT / bending

Laser cutting, engraving and bending require more information, so you can ask your question or request by clicking the button below.
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