Engineer Services

Engineering services

We have an engineer department with 12 engineer who are responsigle for planning.
Planning and programming electronic devices and SWITCH boards, PCB Design.

Electronic assembly 

We are experienced in electronic assembly of mostly lights and luminaries due to manufacturing our own LED panels and Lighting mirrors.
The assembly is carried out on an assembly line conveyor in a separated ESD area which complies with the standards.

Additional processes:
- testing (we have our own lifespan tester for luminaries)
- packaging
- labeling
- commissioning
- preparing the products for delivery 

Electronic manufacturing 

Basically, we have been specialized in the placement of PCB with SMT (Surface Mounted Technology), and we have a production line for the whole process. TH (Trough Hole) and mixed soldering are manually carried out.

Our production line parameters

Solder paste printer: 
Semi-automatic machine with two pneumatic blades.
Max PCB size: 1200x350 mm

Placement machine technical parameters: 
Maximum PCB area 2000x350mm
Maximum range of motion: 1200x320mm
Speed: 18 000CPH
Components range: Chip: 0603'-2522', LED: 3014-5050, IC: 15x15

Reflow machine: 
Number of heating zone: 8/8 zone
Number of cooling zone: 1
Max PCB width: 350mm

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